NAZUKI TOKYO | 日本料理 魚月 なづき

日本料理 魚月 Nazuki なづき

Inside Nazuki

The restaurant consists of several sections, such as the main hall
surrounded by approximately 200 monitors, and private rooms equipped
with projectors for projection mapping.
We welcome you with a new style of hospitality fusing modern
service with authentic Japanese cuisine.

Main hall

Guests will come through an LED gate from the 1st floor to the entrance on the lower floor.

Main monitor

Guests can enjoy the large interactive monitor stretched across the
main hall – try touching the screen to experience a shark attack!

Tatami Private room

We have 2 private rooms that can accommodate up to 8 people.
Projection mapping is applied to the walls, tables, and hanging scrolls.
Please enjoy various Japanese-themed movies along with great food.

Secondary hall

Private room “Rikyu” is an adjustable room that can be converted into a large space.
It can serve groups up to 50 people.