NAZUKI TOKYO | 日本料理 魚月 なづき

日本料理 魚月 Nazuki なづき

  • Lunch banquet 

    It is a course close to the Toyosu Market, where craftsmen put their skills into practice at a place called Tsukiji where you can purchase fresh and carefully selected ingredients, and you can choose any occasion. Whether you drink alcohol or not, you can enjoy it in the same way.

    Appetizers, bowls, sashimi, grilled dishes, appetizers (tempura, simmered dishes, vinegared dishes) meals, desserts

    ※Please make a reservation. ※You can change to sushi for ¥1,500.
    ※Photos are for image only.

    ¥5,000 (per person/tax included)

  • Special Set 

    Appetizers, bowl, sashimi, tempura, pottery Boiled food, appetizer, meal, dessert

    ※Please make a reservation.
    ※You can change to sushi for ¥1,500.
    ※This will be provided as a set.

    ¥3,500 (per person/tax included)