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日本料理 魚月 Nazuki なづき


Notification of resumption of dinner

Dinner will resume on Friday, June 5th!
OPEN 17:30 ~ CLOSE 22:00 (L.O 21:30)

The menu has been renewed and we are only offering a la carte.
Fireworks over the wall for a limited time! Why don’t you try a little quick summer with Nazuki?

< Nazuki 's efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection>

Temperature measurement and mask wearing when employees go to work
We carry out temperature measurement when all employees come to work. In addition, we make thorough use of masks.

Disinfection upon entering the customer
When you enter the store, we disinfect your hands. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Store ventilation
The entrance is always open and ventilation is provided by the blower.

3 Seating avoiding crowds
The main hall will utilize 94 seats with plenty of space, and the seats will be arranged with sufficient space between customers.