NAZUKI TOKYO | 日本料理 魚月 なづき

日本料理 魚月 Nazuki なづき


“Nazuki Valentine’s Day & White Day 2021” will start on Feb 8 (Monday)!

2/8 (Mon) – 3/14 (Sun) “Nazuki Valentine’s Day & White Day 2021” will start!!
Valentine’s Day & White Day limited monitor images and course meals will appear in the store.

Interactive monitor designed for Valentine/White day

Projection mapping (movie on table) once in 1 hour

Valentine & White Day Course ¥4,500 (tax incl.)
* Please make a reservation.

Sesame tofu (broiled karasumi, plum blossom radish, wasabi, soup stock)

[Bowl change]
Steamed clay bottles (seaweed, seaweed, wakame seaweed, tree buds)

[Lunch box]
Tuna and avocado with sesame seeds (sesame sauce, cut sesame seeds, Asatsuki)
Sashimi Yuba (raw sea urchin, wasabi, split soy sauce)
Scallop frost (chopped vegetables, sprouts, citrus dressing)
Sea bream kelp 〆 (Paper kelp, sprout)
Rape mustard mixed with wakame seaweed and roasted balls
Saba Nishikyoyaki (Amigasa turnip)
Black bean castella
Steamed Satsuma chicken herbs (chopped vegetables, watercress, tomato dress)
Deep-fried shrimp millet (blue tang)
Boiled bamboo shoots (Japanese butterbur and tree buds)
Chawanmushi (crab, lily root, thread trefoil)
Grated flatfish (spinach, chopped vegetables)

Salmon torotaku roll red soup stock

Shiruko salt kelp matcha ice cream