“HALLOWEEN 2020” will start on October 11 (Sun)!

What happens when a Japanese restaurant plans a Halloween event?
“HALLOWEEN 2020” will start on October 11 (Sun) to October 31 (Sat)!

Halloween with Japanese food? Please be assured that there are many people who think that.
There is no doubt that the food we will serve!
Since it’s Halloween, please change the presentation and enjoy a different atmosphere.

< Halloween Menu / Drinks >

1. Halloween chirashi-sushi (for 2-3 people) ¥2,525

2. Halloween assorted set ¥1,860

3. Halloween dessert ¥860

4. Halloween drinks (Alcohol / soft drinks) ¥700~

5. Valuable Halloween set (for 2 people)
Halloween chirashi-sushi x 1
Halloween assorted set x 2
Halloween dessert x 2
Specially priced at ¥7,500
Plus, you will get two free Halloween drinks!


There are many fun events in store.

1. Once every hour, “something” happens in the restaurant. (Come and see what happens…)
2. Children (elementary school age and younger) who say “Trick or Treat” at the entrance will receive candies!
3. Customers who come in costume will get a free Halloween drink!
4. Paper clay cutters for children. Create your own Hallpween character!

*Tax included