NAZUKI TOKYO | 日本料理 魚月 なづき

日本料理 魚月 Nazuki なづき


“Christmas 2020” will start on December 12 (Sat)!

“Monitor image”
Monitor shows Christmas themed images.
What happens when a Christmas present is touched?

“Giant Christmas Tree”
The main hall is adorned with a Christmas tree that almost reaches the ceiling.
You can take pictures with the monitor images in the background!

“Christmas Present (starting from December 12!)”
Dinner guests will get a chance (by raffle) to receive a
¥1,000 meal coupon that can be used in the next visit.

“2020 limited lunch discount”
Every lunch customer will receive a ¥300 discont coupon.

12/21(Mon)~12/25(Fri) Christmas limited course menu【Reservation required】
6 dish course (incl. dessert) ¥12,000(tax included)
Including Sparkling Wine (half bottle)

[Side dish] Stir-fried Abalone

[Simmered dish] Japanese style beef stew


[Sashimi] 5 types of assorted sashimi

[Rice] Oshi-sushi and soup

[Dessert] Homemade maccha-warabimochi and cake