NAZUKI TOKYO | 日本料理 魚月 なづき

日本料理 魚月 Nazuki なづき


“Tsukimi Gozen” will start on Sep 15 (Wed)!

From Sep 15 (Wed) to Oct 10 (Sun), the Season’s special menu “Tsukimi Gozen” will start.

¥4,500 (tax inc.)
* Reservation required by day before
* Available at both lunch and dinner

Tsukimi – literally means “moon viewing”. It refers to the tradition of appreciating the year’s harvest around the time of harvest moon.

◆ Appetizer
  Sesame flavored tofu, shrimp, burdock, spinach, herring roe, and dashi-stock
◆ Dobin-mushi
  Matsutake-mushroom, bream, Satsuma-chicken, mitsuba-leaf, and sudachi-citrus
◆ Rice
  Salmon roll, pickled ginger, and red-miso soup
◆ Dessert
  Cream An-mitsu
◆ Bento Box
  ❶ Squid sashimi with ponzu sauce, radish, ginger, and shiso-leaf
  ❷ Tuna sashimi with daikon radish, wasabi, and karakusa-plant
  ❸ Bream sashimi with green onion, ugo-sea weed, and carrot
  ❹ Katsuo sashimi with myoga, white ugo-sea weed, and garlic soy sauce
  ❺ Marinated chrysanthemum, enoki and shiitake mushroom, and tonburi-herb
  ❻ Grilled marinated salmon
  ❼ Grilled egg plant with miso paste, walnuts, and daikon radish
  ❽ Marinated roast beef with chopped vegetables, cresson, and mustard
  ❾ Conger tempura, with green pepper, lemon, and somen-noodles
  ❿ Simmered kabu-radish, fried tofu, fu, Tomoha-flower, and yuzu-citrus
  ⓫ Simmered taro with dried shrimp, green beans, and pepper tree buds
  ⓬ Fried tofu with green onion, ginger, and fu

* The course does not include rice cakes and alcohol. Photos for reference only.
* Menu may change depending on availability of ingredients